The topic of next chapter meeting is the Inclusive Curriculum Bill HB 5596/ Senate Bill 3249. For more info on the bill visit Equality Illinois website


A very interesting site that is highly recommended and which you may want to visit is the world's only outdoor museum walk, traveling installation, and youth education program dedicated to combating anti-gay bullying by celebrating lgbt contributions to history. It is the Legacy Project website and can be accessed by clicking on the "L" image to the left. Be sure to watch the video.

Click on the video image to watch it. You can take most videos full screen.

Be Someone's Hero

Two Lesbians Raise a Baby


Just The Way You Are-
(It Gets Better/The Trevor Project Montage)


 Transgender Youth 101


Betty DeGeneres

Leaving No One Behind

How To Start a Gay Straight Alliance

Tony Campolo


 It Gets Better

Student Non-Discrimination Act

Love No Matter What