The next meeting will be our Annual Christmas Potluck Dinner commencing at 6:30 PM, Thursday,  5 December 2019.   We encourage all members to join together for social time and conversation.  

If you plan to attend, please contact the Chapter via our e-mail  (which is: )  with the meal item(s) that you can bring.

For this potluck meal, we need a variety of items: 

  • Main dishes hot and cold (Casserole, crockpot creation, sandwich meats/ breads/ condiments) 
  • Side dishes hot and cold (Fruit salads, green leafy salads, or vegetables)
  • Desserts   
  • Drinks  (water, soda, tea, soda)


Click on a thumbnail image to start the slide show.  Each show contains several pictures.

A video Slide Show of Pride 2017 in the Metro-East


A video Slide Show of the St. Louis Pride Parade, 2017


A video Slide Show of Pride 2016, Metro-East and St. Louis

These are Quilts that have been Raffled at Pride Celebrations